RR: Kobré 1

Chapter one of Kenneth Kobré’s, “Photojournalism: The Professionals’ Approach,” in true first-chapter fashion, gives a condensed overview of the book’s subject matter: how to be a good photojournalist. The summarize what I learned from the chapter, awareness and readiness are going to be the prime factors of capturing perfect photographs. While perfect symmetry and ideal lighting can certainly improve the aesthetic qualities of a photo, the most important element of a good shot is its ability to convey a story. While my presence in Piedmont’s student life department will certainly help me to stay aware of potential stories around campus, what I really need to work on is my readiness. I barely ever keep my camera on hand, which becomes an issue in spare-of-the-moment situations.

The example photographs included in the chapter were much more powerful to me than the text itself. My favorite example was the man playing the trumpet for a young child, taken by Milbert Brown. I love how candid the shot is, showing a raw moment between two people, seemingly unaware of the distant observer.

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