Reading Response 2 & 3

Chapter 2 really helped me understand the rules of when and where to take photos, what is and isn’t appropriate and figuring out your boundaries. A lot of what they talked about with the police and on the scene I didn’t know. I really like the paragraph “Overcoming your natural instincts” and what it says about not running from danger. Which you can’t run from danger to get the big story or the exclusive photo before everyone else does. i think this entire chapter was a lot of good information that any photographer needs to know and take into consideration when on the streets trying to get a good story.

Chapter 3 to me was all about the emotion and opportunities to catch a good shot. My favorite quote from there is “must constantly watch in order to catch a moment of emotion” which is all what photograph is about, emotion. Without emotion there is a pointless photo. I also love the paragraph about “photograph the topic, not the talker” because at first I really didn’t understand what that meant. It says, ” The photojournalist must translate speakers’ words into pictures that portray the underlying controversy.” and that really speaks volumes on what the kind of photography I want to be a part of. Both of these chapters were very informative.

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