Reading Response 7

In chapter 14, I really loved all of the pictures in this chapter. Most were vey odd and creepy but I loved how out of the box they were. I especially love the photo on page 384. I think it is beautiful. I love the paragraph about translating words into images symbols because that really helps get the message across. It gives you more of the significance of what is going on in that certain product. My other favorite photo is on page 391 with all of the dalmatians. One because I love dogs, two because I love movies too, so it is both of them together is the perfect thing ever. I don’t know how they got all the dogs to stay still though. My other favorite one is on page 394 with the kid and the moon pie.I also loved the “weak photos” paragraph because sometimes we can’t get a good photo no matter what you do. I love how the book shows you how they edited it to make it look that certain way starting from A-I. All in all, this was a good chapter with all of the photos and a good way of showing how to do certain things.

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