RR: Kobré 4 & 5

Chapters four and five of Kobré’s book cover some of my favorite aspects of photojournalism, from a consumer’s perspective. Both features and portraits are (generally) incredibly interesting, unique and uplifting.

In feature photographs, as Kobré explains, we’re offered a break from the grim onslaught of black and gray often seen in news. Instead we’re greeted with a burst of color, shining faces and wild animals. This break in pattern is what makes feature photos particularly drawing to me.

People are weird. Portraits offer a glimpse into the life of an outsider without breaking any social boundaries, which is an opportunity that we don’t often come by. I found, through looking at the example photos provided by Kobré, the most drawing thing about portraits is oddity. The more funky they are, the more I want to learn more. I found myself paying particular attention to the cutlines in this chapter.

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