Prompt 4: DSLR

Photo Exercise: DSLR Practice

Assignment: Within the next hour, shoot the following types of photos.
• A close-up of something in nature.
• A close-up of some aspect of a person.
• A medium photo of a faculty member (other than me).
• A medium profile of a student outside.
• A medium action shot of a someone running/jogging.
• A medium action news shot inside.
• A long shot with a person in the foreground.
• One wildcard shot of your choice (does not have to fit the above criteria, and does not have to be journalistic)

• Photos must be taken with the provided DSLR camera
• You can utilize any of the camera modes discussed in class
• Some element related to Piedmont College must be in every picture.
• The photo will run as is – no cropping.
• Each person on your team must have shot at least one of your team’s final photos.
• Upload the seven photos to the class blog yourself and turn in your camera to me
• Cutlines and photo credits must be added to the photo no later than 5 p.m. today
• Winning team gets a lunch of their choice after Joe gets paid  Losers get the shame of feeling like a loser for the rest of their lives.

Sage & Alyssa
Nathan, Cameron & Christian
Hadley, Nate & Garrett

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