The Boys Take on a Photo Assignment

Nature isn’t always pretty. At the Swanson Center Bridge, several creatures craft their homes, and webs, in the foliage. PHOTO / Cameron Verona
Junior Cameron Verona isn’t afraid to get his hands pink for the sake of art. One could say, this picture ‘rocks.’ PHOTO / Christian Castro
Dr. Melissa Tingle holds a stone cold expression as she grades some papers before teaching her next class. PHOTO / Nathan Blackburn
Silly, quirky and artsy are all adjectives that fit the bill for Cameron Verona’s quick pink photoshoot. PHOTO / Christian Castro
After taking a stroll through the trail in front of the Swanson Center, sophomore Christian Castro races to class to avoid breaking the Piedmont College Mass Comm attendance policy. PHOTO / Nathan Blackburn
Are your news stories too hot to handle? Call on junior Cameron Verona, and he’ll extinguish any problems you’re having, legal or otherwise. PHOTO / Nathan Blackburn
Camera bag in tow, senior Nathan Blackburn heads across campus to snap some more pictures. PHOTO / Cameron Verona
Playing UNO got intense, especially when sophomore Christian Castro threw down the wild draw four card. PHOTO / Nathan Blackburn

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