Author: Alyssa Emmett


The starting line up stands as they are about to begin the game on senior day for the women’s soccer team on October 14th, 2017. There were seven seniors this year. PHOTO / ALYSSA EMMETT
Midfielder, senior Savannah Castles (#4) races to defend the lions with help of Shayna Healy (#16). The score was 2-2 at the end of the game calling a draw. PHOTO / ALYSSA EMMETT
Only a freshman,Miranda McNalley (#1) is the goalkeeper for the senior day.  PHOTO / ALYSSA EMMETT
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As Maryville blocks a shot from the Lady Lions, both teams race to get the ball first. Through out the game, Piedmont had 3 saves.  PHOTO / ALYSSA EMMETT


Chapter 14 was all about illustration and how important it is for the point to come across through the use of illustration. The picture on page 386 about the problem of population growth in Colorado is very pleasing to the eye and gets the point across to the viewer. I like the headlines used for photojournalism than a traditional news headlines. They are more fun and a little quirky for example like Is There a Hare in Your Soup? a story about rabbit stew. Whenever I take pictures, I always take note of the background. Is there something distracting in the back? Perhaps there might be a more important detail that needs to be addressed. In this chapter, the author states that many successful photo illustrations have used a seamless paper background. I LOVE the dalmatian photo on page 391. It’s so different and it makes you look twice. I also love the fact that the owners of the dalmatians were hiding and you can see a person’s shoes on the bottom left corner.