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Double Portrait


Garrett Stafford takes a skeleton decoration under his wing and protects him from the smoke.


Garrett Stafford participated in a photoshoot and examines the colors produced by smoke bombs.


Garrett Stafford works on assignments in his favorite cut off shirt (NASCAR approved).

Mass Comm Day: An Experience


Students from Cedar Shoals High School and Tallulah Falls High School gather in the screening room for the first session of Mass Comm Experience Day.


Department Chair Joe Dennis and News Editor Laura Alyssa Platé share a laugh before Mass Comm Experience Day begins.


Tallulah Falls student Gareth Mikels listens to Dr. Tingle during a web design seminar.


IMG_4328-2The Master of Ceremonies, played by Jordan Hicks, welcomes the audience to the Cabaret. The Master of Ceremonies appears throughout the play to give insight into German culture of the pre- World War II time period.


The Kit Kat girls surround Sally Bowies, played by Hope Wells, in a dance at the Kit Kat Club. The show centers around Sally Bowies and Clifford Bradshaw in their dramatic love story during the rise of Nazis.


The Master of Ceremonies, played by Jordan Hicks, invites the audience to forget their troubles and join the Cabaret. The production premiered in 1966 at the Broadhurst Theater.