Author: mattiekeaton

Sports Photos

Photo 2
Junior midfielder Jazmin Penado tries her hardest to jump over Brevard’s goalie after shooting. Penado scored the goal putting Piedmont ahead. PHOTO/ MATTIE KEATON  
Photo 3
Senior Chase Kane tries to slide to steal the ball from Emory’s Evan Floersch. No foul was called and Piedmont gained possession of the ball. PHOTO/ MATTIE KEATON  
Photo 4
Brevard’s senior Sarah Rhoades kicks the ball into the air trying to send it to the opposite side of the field. Piedmont’s Tori Gillett anticipates the direction of the ball to try and gain possession. PHOTO/ MATTIE KEATON  
Photo 11
Junior Jazmine Penado and senior Savannah Castles try to head the ball into the goal after a corner kick. Penado was able to head the ball into the goal resulting in her second goal of the night. PHOTO/ MATTIE KEATON


When I saw the title of this chapter I got excited. I am minoring in graphic design and the photos shown throughout the chapter really go along with the graphic design aspect. I enjoy that Kobré listed out different kinds of photo illustrations. I assumed all photo illustrations were the same, just made to express different messages. Out of this chapter my favorite section was probably “Translate Words Into Images”, this has always been something I’ve struggled with and reading this section shed light on how to change my thought process when coming up with illustrations. Overall, this chapter was very helpful to me and I know that it will be useful for me in graphic design classes also.