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Reading Response 7

I really liked how this chapter described how to turn words and ideas into pictures. It was really neat to see how these pictures are able to speak a sentence without any words. Pictures are stories without any words and thats what was really neat about this chapter. Also the pictures in this chapter were cool as well.

Reading Response 6

This chapter was very interesting because it covered what looked to be all the issues that are going on in the world. These photos showed lots of drama, and were very moving when you looked at them in depth. Also some of these photos were very heartbreaking, but it was important to look at them because they were honest and real photos. This chapter really showed the power of photojournalism, and how a single photo can be really powerful and moving.

Reading Response 5

This was a great chapter for me because I want to go into sports journalism, and being able to learn how to get the best action photo of a sporting event is going to help make my photos stand out. Leaning to stand in the right spot and have the right angle to get the shot I want is crucial for shooting sporting events. learning about the timing is a great way to stand out from other sport photos. Also learning how to capture emotion in a photo is one of the most important things to do when taking photos of a sporting event. it was a great chapter to learn different ways to take shots at sporting events, and was very useful.


After reading this chapter I now have a better understanding on how much time we actually spend looking at photos, and how important they really are in news. Photos have the power to make stories more interesting. Also photos can tell the story by itself. It’s really important to use photos in journalism stories to give the reader a better understanding of what is going on.