This is a new era we are living. Where the social media Twitter is looked for the most recent and trending news rather than the television. As a millennial, that concept is bizarre.  Twitter is for funny memes and hashtags. Twitter is a place where you have to really think out what you want to say because of the character limit. Yet, in chapter one, the author tells us an example of a photo journalist who does check his Twitter feed for up-to-date information. It is quite genius. The author even mentions a former AP staffer who is now freelancing for The New York Times. The freelancer gives us tips on how to Tweet.  She stays on top of Twitter and uses as a way to interact with sources and even other photographers by sharing her location.

Photos are meant to capture a moment forever. The author tells us that a photo should give the reader a view as if they were there in that moment. The author gives us example of how a close-up adds drama and how each angle gives us a different story. It’s all in the perspective and what the photographer, myself, wants to tell. Each photographer is different and sees the picture differently. It is what makes photo journalism so interesting.

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