Rabun Gap Total Eclipse


Erik Fueller came prepared to witness the total eclipse through his 600mm lens. He and his son left their home in Atlanta at 5 a.m. to capture the moment. PHOTO / BEN THORNBURGH
Five hours before totality occurred, a sea of umbrellas already began flowering in the main viewing area. PHOTO / BEN THORNBURGH
Lauren Stanley used a special pair of solar glasses to watch the sun while posing for a silly picture for her daughter. PHOTO / BEN THORNBURGH
Cousins Jared (left) and Hannah (right) watched the festivities from the top of a hill. PHOTO / BEN THORNBURGH
As the day grew hotter, the line for ice cream stretched out farther into the field. PHOTO / BEN THORNBURGH
Before reaching totality, the sun bore resemblance to a waxing crescent moon. (Or… a banana.) PHOTO / BEN THORNBURGH


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