RR: Kobré 8 & 9

Chapter eight of Kenneth Kobré’s “Photojournalism: The Journalistic Approach” puts the focus on photography equipment. In the first part of the chapter, Kobré covers the features of most DSLR cameras, including autofocus, shutter speed, and exposure. It’s a lot of technical information to take in, but I think it’ll become easier to understand with first-hand experience. I definitely want to become skilled at tampering with camera controls, because I currently rely pretty heavily on the using automatic/preset settings in my camera.

Chapter nine shines the light on the process of capturing photos in any conditions by properly using lighting equipment. I’ve gone over a lot of the same information in television classes, but there are certainly some differences. One notable difference is that in TV/film, the lighting burns constantly, while in photojournalism, the lighting only flashes when the photo is being taken. When it comes to both equipment and lighting, I’m glad to have read some of the technical information, but what I’m really looking forward to is putting the knowledge to practice.

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