RR 2

When I first saw the title to Chapter 2 my first thought was “I hope they talk about how to interact with police.” I really appreciated the detail that Kobré put into the sections that dealt with the topic of taking photos during breaking events and dealing with police and by-standards. I honestly found this chapter hard to go through, just because the photos tell such a huge strong and most of them are heartbreaking. But my own reaction gave me a better understanding of how important this chapter is, the advice given throughout the chapter is what the photographers use to get such great photos.


In Chapter 3 Kobré gives a more in-depth view about political journalism and how to photograph them. I enjoyed “Photograph the Topic, Not the Talker”, personally I find myself photographing things that aren’t relevant to the topic at hand, so this section really related to me. The second chapter gave me more info than the first, but I think it is because I am more into news event than politics.

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