Crime has always been a problem from the very beginning. Today, nothing goes unnoticed. I found it interesting that the photojournalists do not use flash even at night because it can be intrusive. I think it is very important to include police officers when taking photos. The author mentions John Tlumacki, from The Boston Globe, who said one of the hardest things in the beginning was how to deal with the yellow tape. . Many officers put up two barriers: one for the general public and the other for the media.  It was heartbreaking to read the news about the Ferguson tragedy. Reading the story of one person who covered this event makes me realize this is not a simple job. It takes courage. Another example is in chapter three.. A photographer took a photo of a wife sleeping next to the coffin that held her husband whom she lost to a military explosion. The pictures capture the heartbreak she feels and even without the cut line, you can tell what is going on. In class on Wednesday, we discussed how expression is important. The author mentions this as well and devotes a section explaining how a reaction can tell a better story.

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