Reading Response 4

Editing photos is something I try to stay away from as much as I can. Sometimes, editing can take away the originality of the photograph. On the other side, it can add effects that makes the photo more appealing. In chapter 7, it mentions the difficulty of cropping in some situations. By cropping, the image can lose its effect. It can also lose its clarity and become pixelated. It’s important that you get what you want on the first try so you don’t have to do much work in the editing process. I like how it talks about how sometimes, it’s important to have multiple images to get your story across. On the other hand, one photo can tell the story all by itself. For example, there may need to be multiple shots of a child opening up a gift. Emotions could change in an instant if the child doesn’t like the gift. She could go from sad to happy or happy to sad depending on what she finds in that present. That’s why multiple shots are important. I found it interesting that your caption should be clear and concise because if they aren’t, your readers may not read the rest of the story. The caption is the first thing they read. The photo, as well as the caption should grab the reader’s attention, and if it doesn’t, they move on to the next story.

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