The Camera & the bag. Chapter eight goes in depth on how important it is to make sure you buy the right camera that best suits you. Cameras are expensive and buying the most expensive one does make it better for you. I like how the author writes a section dedicated to smartphones. Technology is always developing and getting better. I have seen beautiful shots taken on iPhone before. Sometimes, you cannot tell the difference of a photo that was taken on a smartphone and digital camera. I like the story the author uses to show that people can be afraid of the big camera with the massive lens. With a smartphone, you do not have that problem.

Chapter nine discusses how drastically lighting can change a photo. Photojournalists know how to use lighting to their advantage. I love the picture on page 220. The photographer used flash and the lighting he was given to make an ordinary road look different. The author explains ways on how to fix the problems with lighting such as with uneven lighting you have three choices: bounce flash, combine the available light with the flash, or use the flash off-camera and position it so that the equidistant from the subject.  Some of these terms that the author mentions I have heard before thanks to TV I. Still, these two chapters gave me a whole new perspective on how complicated the world of photojournalists really is.

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