Reading Response 3

Chapter 8 to me was all about what to bring to a photo shot or opportunity and what to bring and if you didn’t bring a certain something to use your resources. Sometimes I can be very bad at figuring out wha setting on a camera work for the certain scenery so this chapter helped with that. But we do have to remember all cameras are different. I really liked the paragraph about shutter time because I do like taking pictures of sports but it can be very hard because they are all moving and you want a clear photo instead of a blurry one. It gave some good ideas on how to get a clear and better photo.

Chapter 9 was probably my favorite chapter. I absolutely loved the paragraph about smartphone cameras because that is my go to camera because it is always on me. If you have the most recent phones like the iPhone 7 your pictures are always going to be high quality. Some pictures on the iPhone turn out better than on a camera. I also loved the argh about lights because lighting literally can make a bad picture into a perfect one. But my favorite part about this chapter was at the end because it had a photo of where Kesha shot her music video “Praying” at and I am obsessed with it. I really hope to visit there one day!

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