Reading response 2

I think settings are sometimes misleading because people try to mess around with settings and then it messes up with whole photo. I don’t agree with playing around with the settings because it takes the natural elements out of the photo. Personally when I made my travel video this year I had the chance to mess with the settings and make the water more blue than what it actually was for example. After messing around for a while I decided to put everything back to it’s origonal color. It just doesn’t look right, and especially when it comes to photojournalism you should leave everything natural.

Lighting is something that is really cool in my opinion because it can make different shots more dramatic, and it can make shots stick out more. I think that lighting is a great tool in photojournalism, but the struggle is finding the right angle to take the shot to get the best lighting. One of the best ways to have good lighting when it’s dark outside in my opinion is to use a light by itself plus the camera light on top of it to get a stronger light source. I have used this multiple times when it’s dark outside, and it works every time. for example one person will turn a flash light on, and hold it above the camera then the other person will take the shot with the camera flash on.

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