I loved the beginning of this chapter, the quote that Kobré uses “a photojournalists bag is like a physician’s….” really gave me a great visual. It reminded me of when I would go and help my mom shoot photos, she always had way more than she needed in her bag, but she was always prepared. I also enjoyed the section talking about RAW, Kobré went into so much detail and goes very in depth on how to use it. I found this whole chapter to be useful it would especially helpful to those who are new to photography. I also really enjoyed that in certain sections Kobré give extra tips for the reader.

I found all of Chapter 9 to be useful also because I always tend to find myself struggling with lighting issues taking photos. The photos throughout the chapter helped give a good visual to better understand what Kobré is talking about. The section I found most helpful was “Positioning The Strobe Off-Camera”, I know that my mom uses these when taking photographs, but I always thought she just guessed where to set up the lights. This section reminded me of TV 1, learning how to position the different lights to get the best visual with the least amount of shadows.

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