Nature shot


A close of one of the many plants in Beverly Gardens Park in the summer of 2016. Contrast is evident in this photo. PHOTO/ALYSSA EMMETT


Taken on a summer night of 2015, the sun goes down and leaves a cloud shaped like a swan behind. This photo captures both elements of lighting and contrast. PHOTO / ALYSSA EMMETT


South Carolina is the home of 50 foot waterfall named Yellow Branch Falls. This photo was taken in May 2016 and captures two elements: Rule of Thirds and movement.  PHOTO / ALYSSA EMMETT


On a cloudy, early morning in 2015, cars drive off in the distance headed to start their day. Two elements are shown: depth and wide.  PHOTO / ALYSSA EMMETT


A red bird landed on the ground in the fall of 2015 close to a water bottle that was discarded and left to waste away. The element animal is shown.  PHOTO / ALYSSA EMMETT


Taken in April 2017,  the sun breaks through the clouds over Clayton county. Water as a mirror element is shown. PHOTO / ALYSSA EMMETT

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