Reading Response 4

Chapter 7 of this book was nothing but interesting. All of the photos were very odd but I guess that has all to do with editing. I really loved all the paragraphs about what pretty much makes up a photo, emotion, intimate, etc, because I love photos that have a story with them and you don’t even have to use words. I especially enjoyed the paragraph about black and white photos and when to use them  and when to put them in color because black and white is so classical and it is almost a more serious tone which I love. I also enjoyed when he talked about the sizing of the photos because you can crop out certain things in a photo so it can mainly focus are what you want the photo to be about. Definitely loved the spread about the animals and all the photos of the animals. By far my favorite spread! I also liked the parish titled “The last Word” because we talk about this all the time when it comes to making cut lines and such.

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