Reading Response 5

Sports is one of my favorite things to capture. With sports, you have to allow yourself to be in the moment, and there isn’t much editing to do to make it look better. You just have to trust your camera, and go with it. I like what Kobre says in chapter 6 about summarizing the game in one photo. “A good sports photographer watches the action but doesn’t stop when the final whistle blows.” There’s more to sports photography than just the action shots of the players. You have to get crowd reaction, player reaction, and those special photos that lead the story for you. It also talks about catching reactions on and off the field as it shows a picture of a coach in a locker room. It’s important to get those kinds of pictures to show people what really goes on behind the scenes. I’m a huge baseball person, and my favorite pictures are always the ones where the team wins a championship and they do the dog pile on the field. What’s better than a dog pile? In pictures like those, you are able to see their raw emotion, whereas an action shot of them swinging doesn’t get that same emotion. I’ve also learned that taking multiple shots in sports is important. You don’t want to miss that tiny detail, especially if the player steps out of bounds or is out by an inch at second base. Who knows? You may be able to help the umpires.

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