Reading Response 5

Chapter 6 of this book had to be one of my favorites and also one of the most informative for what we have going on in this next week. I love sports and love photos so this is a good chapter to read. Sometimes I have trouble with getting a good shot because it would sometimes come out blurry or I wouldn’t get the photo that I had pictured in my mind. I love the paragraph about summarizing the game in one photo because that is always the goal to get. To get that one photo that explains everything that had happened that night or the main event and there expressions. When you do get that one perfect photo you have a sense of pride in knowing you caught that memory on camera. I also loved the paragraph about catching the reactions off and on the field because it is one thing to get the action going on in a game and it is another to see the emotion of victory or defeat behind closed doors. I also liked the paragraph about making the most of autofocus because sometimes using this effect can make or break a photo. If you blur out the wrong part you could be missing what you wanted to capture in the first place. This chapter was very informative in telling you where to stand, what to bring, how to shoot either a basketball or football game and how to make your photo the best possible photo with all of the movement going around. This will definitely be helpful in this next week when we have to shoot sports.

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