Reading Response 6

As I looked at each of the photographs in chapter 10, it was obvious that different issues going on in our country today were portrayed. Each photo told a story about what the issue was and how it was taken care of. The picture of the man who died with AIDS is a picture that shows the care of a woman who is there to comfort those people. I was shocked at many of the pictures that involved guns and alcohol. Even though that is an ongoing issue in our country, it still amazes me to see what people do with it and how they abuse that privilege. I believe to be a photographer that takes these kinds of pictures, you have to be one thing, BRAVE. By the looks of the photos in the book, these photographers are right in the middle of the action. Chapter 10 mentions that research is important when writing stories like this. I couldn’t agree more because you don’t want to put something out there that isn’t true. You want your readers to trust what you are saying, and if you don’t look more into this topic, then they will lose that trust with you. Look at stories that happened before this that are similar. Relate it to what is happening now. Get all of your information together, and then write your story.

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