Reading Response 6

Chapter 10 was all about “the issues” in todays world. All of the photos hit the nail on this concept 100%. Most of the photos were in black and white which i love because it gives it a more dramatic affect to he story that is trying to be told in the photo. Some of these photos were very hard to look at, because they told the bare truth and they were so raw you saw the beauty in such a disaster. It showed the stories and photos from different countries and cultures which I loved because it is showing that even though we may all look different we still go through similar struggles. The last story on “Gun Nation” I was very weirded out about. I think my exact words were what the heck is going on here. Somehow I could not find the beauty in those photos but that is my personal opinion. It was just a little too much for my taste, especially the baby with the gun right beside it. It made me feel uncomfortable. All in all, I really love this chapter because it shows the bare truth in the photos and the seriousness of what everyday people have to face on an everyday basis, and that is the kind of photos I hope to take one day.

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