Soccer: Piedmont vs Wesleyan

Kaitlin Andrews (right) fights to keep the ball from Nadia Al-Shahabi (left.) Nicki Boyd (back-left) is ready to defend if the ball should slip into Wesleyan’s control. PHOTO / BEN THORNBURGH
Whitney Flanter (middle) is in control of the ball, but Piedmont is quick to corner her. Cassidy Reich (left) shoots a smile at Tori Gillett (right,) just before she steals the ball. PHOTO / BEN THORNBURGH
Piedmont’s benched players cheer on their teammates. Kaitlin Andrews takes control of the ball. PHOTO / BEN THORNBURGH
Fetlework Blitch (back-left,) Nadia Al-Shahabi (front-left) and Shayna Healy (back-right) watch as Nicki Boyd (front-right) attempts to block the ball from leaving the field. In the end, her efforts did not stop the ball from going out of play. PHOTO / BEN THORNBURGH

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