Reading Response 7

Chapter 14 was all about illustrations, which is something that you don’t think about as a photojournalist. A lot of these pictures are interesting to look at, like how they are making one face with many different faces on page 383. One thing I realized is that you would definitely have to use something such as Photoshop to make these certain images come to life. I like what it said about translating the words into images and the example that it gave us. People can’t picture something if they are looking at words but if you put them together, giving them an actual visual of what they are reading, they will understand it more. The book mentions that some illustrated photos don’t catch the reader’s attention at all. I think you have to make sure that what you are creating will be something that will interest your reader or else they aren’t going to take time to read more into it. I would still prefer actual photographs, but illustration is sometimes necessary to get a point across.

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