Cameron Verona Says “Soccer is Silly.” (Sports Assignment)

North Carolina-Wesleyan College’s goal keeper, Tobias Borzel, revs up to kick the ball back into play in the first quarter. An attempt from the Lions to score was made, but Borzel swiftly blocked the ball.
Before entering the fray, sophomore defender Jordan Melilo (right) takes a light-hearted moment to smile for the camera. He and his teammate, freshman defender Daniel Osavio Jr. (left), warm-up by running laps along the edge of the field before leaving the bench and entering the game.
From the bench, junior goal keeper Cameron Verona focuses on the game and cheers on his teammates playing on the field. At this point, the Lions were down by one, so Verona made sure to pull out all the motivational stops.
The yellow Nike vest comes off and it’s time for Melilo to enter the game once he finishes his warm-up. Here, he prepares to punt the ball back into play, as a hard kick had propelled it from the field.

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