Event Photos: Six Flags and a Debate Club Meeting

X in Six Flags
After riding the Dare Devil Dive Rollercoaster. Sophomore, Angela Allen put the X in Six Flags. I guess you could say she was X-cited to go on the Six Flags trip; the Campus Activities board hosted on September 14th.
Batman Ride
Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na… BATMAN! A group of Piedmont College students took a trip to Six flags on Saturday, September 14th and rode Batman The Ride. The ride traveled as fast as the batman theme song.
Debate Club Meeting
Update in Debate. The debate club met Monday, September 23rd to go over Suicide Prevention Month discussions. Belle Hudson, (left) Nicole Thomas, (pictured center) Jaela Dodson, (right) and Dr. Moss each spoke about how impactful this month’s awareness can be. 


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