Sporting Event Pictures: Brevard College vs Men’s soccer & Bob Jones University vs Lady Lions Volleyball

Nick Pope Goal
After Senior, Victor Munoz (#10 in disbelief) hits the crossbar. Junior, Nick Pope (#20) flys in to head the ball in the back of net against Brevard College in the 77th minute. Others pictured in the photo include Brevard players, Adam Spencer, (#23) Jackson Riddle, (Left #20) and Eric Lenhart (#5).
Nick Pope Goal Celebration
After taking a late 2-1 lead over Brevard College. Teammates Victor Munoz, (Left #10) Lule Tekilemariam, (#24) Ian Anderson, (#3) celebrate with goalscorer Nick Pope (#20).
Alina Roberts Spike
Junior, Alina Roberts (#18) gets ready to spike down a huge kill against Bob Jones University. This would be the beginning of a huge comeback from the lady lions.
Lady Lions Volleyball Celebration
In true comeback fashion, the Lady Lion volleyball team pulled out a 3-2 win over Bob Jones University Tuesday September, 17. Pictured are Lainey Choiniere, (#1) Destinee Jackson, (#7) Alina Roberts, (#18) Ali Wilkins, (#9) Becca Balon, (#23) and Jessica Beil (#16).

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