A little Insight on my Life

  1. Picture one is a photo of my mom, dad, and brother. Also, it is a picture of our favorite dog Bailey.
  2. Picture two is a photo of when I was adopted from Romania
  3. Picture three is a photo of my best friend Abby from high school and my brothers childhood friend from kindergarten.
  4. Picture four is my best friend and I at a waterpark. We have been best friends since 6th grade.
  5. Picture five is Heather Ervin. She is the recruiter for the Lady Vols basketball team. She has helped me overcome several obstacles in my life.
  6. Picture six is a picture of me and my friend Cameron. He is special needs and I was his Peer Tutor Junior and Senior year of high school. He has taught me so much about life.
  7. Picture seven has helped me realise who I am. Overcoming obstacles from a very young age, to even now has played a roll in my life especially when it came to two knees injuries that resulted in ACL,MCL, and meniscus surgery.
  8. Picture eight is a picture I took that describes me well. I love to eat and watch movies, especially at late times of the night I’m always snacking.
  9. Lastly, picture nine is a picture I took in California. I have never seen such a more beautiful sunset. It helps me realize the little things in life.

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