Let’s start with my parents. They were college sweethearts and have been for 26 years (I think). They are quite devoted and very loving to each other, and my siblings.
These are my siblings. We argue and get attitudes with each other, but will always have that strong sibling bond.
I might regret this addition to my Annabiography, however ignoring it would be dishonest. I was a weird kid. I got the haircut because my friend did. Peer pressure is a very dangerous game.
I was diagnosed with diabetes at 10 years old. I live with it, that’s about all I can do.
I am still a nerd, yet I have higher confidence and fashion-sense than I did in my youth.
Ian is my most absolute favorite person, best friend as well as my boyfriend of four years. He never fails to show me love or put a huge smile on my face.
Ian also encouraged me to get (and basically paid for) Bruno. Our rescued mutt that will be self-trained as a service dog.
I play lacrosse, have for many years. The wonderful people next to me are my grandparents and my mother. My grandpa is the sweetest man on this earth, prove me wrong.
Due to Corona, I didn’t get many opportunities to shoot photography so I did self-shoots in my room.
This is one of my favorite pictures of Bub.

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