Lesley’s Life Through a Lens

  1. My mom and I on top of the Empire State Building in New York City.
  2. On a visit in Chicago, I was able to catch this picture of the city lights and warm sky.
  3. My very best friend. This is Bibo (short for Billy Bob), he is my everything.
  4. These are my wonderful roommates. I could not imagine my life without meeting these amazing people.
  5. This picture includes my immoderate family and some of my extended family. I am very close with my family and many of my cousins.
  6. My favorite sport in the entire world!
  7. My other dog, Cash- also known as grumpy.
  8. One of my favorite nights of the year is being apart of Night to Shine Prom.
  9. My amazing mother before she won a 5k race. She’s a beast.

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