Anna, Emma & Connor

Pollenating a flower outside the Swanson Center, the bee performs its natural job. Photo by Anna Watson

Being proactive around campus by wearing her mask, Emma Marti sewed the letter “E” onto her mask to ensure she doesn’t lose it. Photo by Connor Moranos
Walking towards the camera Emma Marti and Anna Watson stage the photo for class. Photo by Connor Moranos.
Enjoying the good weather, Connor Moranos had some fun in the park. Photo by Anna Watson.
Sulking by the smiley face, Connor Moranos got a booboo from the slide. Photo by Anna Watson.
Running to the slide, Connor Moranos was very excited to play. Photo by Emma Marti.
Standing in the atrium, Anna Watson looks out the window at the butterflies. Photo by Emma Marti.
Taking the close-up picture, Anna Watson thought Emma Marti had pretty eyes. Photo by Anna Watson.

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