Photo Autobiography

This is Me, Hailey Johnson! Here’s my photo autobiography!
This is my family who means everything to me! We are all originally from Arizona.
I have played soccer ever since I was little and this is me playing on my club team back home.
On this day, I committed to play soccer at Piedmont!
This is me and my super cute niece, Daisy! She made me an aunt last fall!
This is a picture one of my friends took of me and my camera! I enjoy photography and I normally take everyone else’s picture so I thought it was fun to see a picture of me!
This is one of my favorite pictures I’ve taken! Freshman year we drove up Currahee Mountain to watch the sunset!
This was one of the greatest nights of my life! My roommate and I waited 8 hours in line at a Morgan Wallen concert to get front row and after the show he threw us his drumstick!
This is me and my most favorite people I’ve met here at Piedmont!

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