Chilly 3 day weekend

Caption: A North Pole Practice

Cutline: The tennis courts at Piedmont University covered in a thick blanket of snow after the flakes mentioned in the weather began to fall all over the Demorest area in the early morning hours of January 22nd.

This is another angle of the courts while snow was still falling.

Caption: Southern Snow Shoes

Cutline: Piedmont University has students from different parts of the world. Abbey Venham from South Georgia was equipped for the North Georgian annual snow with cowboy boots as the warmest footwear to walk through the fallen 3-5 inches received in the mountains, including the town of Demorest, on January 22nd.

I thought this picture of the road to Swanson was very pretty in all white!
Although she hates snow, I drug my fiancé outside anyways! Even managed to capture her smile.

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