Spring Break in Orlando by Leo Galarza

Before the men’s and women’s tennis team began their matches, they got to see the University of Central Florida Knights women’s tennis team play against Baylor. It was exciting to see a Division one tennis match.
The Knights entrance of their tennis facility. The tennis facility is inside of the USTA National Campus in Orlando, FL.

There was a lot of tennis and beautiful sunsets in Orlando, FL.

The team was warming up for one of our last night matches of the week. The sunsets were different every night.

At the entrance of the USTA National Campus, they had all the different times of each Grandslam.

The USTA National Campus has a lot of courts, and they hold a lot of tennis tournaments. I just wanted to take a picture of the sign.

Another picture from the last matches at night in Orlando.

This was a picture from the neighborhood we stayed at in Orlando, FL.

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