Photo Prompt 8

Photo Exercise: Capturing Motion

Assignment: With your team and using a DSLR camera, shoot action photos using the following modes:

  • Sport/Action mode
  • Aperture Priority mode (A or AV)
  • Manual mode (M)

Post the best photo from your team in each category on


  • You will need to stage the action. Teams can work together shooting one person as a muse.
  • Photos must be taken with the provided DSLR camera.
  • Do not edit the posted photos. 
  • The final posted photos can be from anyone on your team, but I want all people to have practice shooting in each mode.
  • One person on your team should upload the three photos to the class blog immediately. No captions/cutlines are necessary, but list who took each photo.
  • I will need all cameras (unless you are checking it out for the weekend) by 2 p.m.
  • Winning team gets lunch. Losers get nothing. Seriously. Three boys are expensive.


  • Use the “sports photography” handout for information on settings.
  • Using manual mode takes a lot of practice and adjustments, and depends on the environment, so work together to figure out the best settings.
  • Figure it out. No whining.

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