a photo autobiography about my life

This was me when I was eight months old. I was born on January 2nd, 2001, in Wilton, Connecticut.
This was when I realized my dream was to play college lacrosse. I started playing for my local youth league, the Hanover Blackhawks when I was 7. I ended my lacrosse career last semester after deciding it was an excellent time to hang up the cleats.
During Highschool I attended an all-boys, military, and catholic school in Richmond, Virginia
My family and I were at the Cassell center at Virginia Tech this past weekend. My mom Gina (left-middle), my sister Marin (right-middle), and my dad John (right). My family loves going to watch sporting events regardless of the sport.
One of my hobbies that I have picked up in the past few years is the love of skiing. We took a trip out to snowshoe mountain in West Virginia over the break and are planning to return in February.
My cousin, parents, best friend, and I celebrated my 21st birthday in Nashville last year. Gina (left), my best friend Thomas (left-middle), John (middle), and my cousin Frankie (right-middle).
During freshman year, when we played Guilford college, I met up with one of my buddies from my hometown.

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