Golf or wack f*ck?

Early Sunday morning Brandon Sherer (left) and Spencer McDonald (right) eagerly watch to see if Brandon’s ball goes in on his first attempt at putting on hole 1 at the Links golf course. Brandon Sherer typically struggles when it comes to putting, making it no surprise that he does not make it on his first attempt.

At the Links golf course, Spencer McDonald is attempting his first swing on hole 1 with his driver in hopes to hit the ball down the fairway on this early Sunday morning. Spencer McDonald has not played golf in a while but he is happy to be back playing and showing his friends how it is done.

Spencer McDonald, Will Richter, Joe Helenbrook, and Brandon Sherer all watch to see if Will Richter’s putting skills are up to par to win hole 3 at the Links golf course on February 19th. The stakes are high as the guys are very competitive and need to win to prove that they are better at golf than each other.

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