Reading Response 1

Ch. 1 was very informative and interesting. I was completely mesmerized by all of the photos in the chapter as well. They all told a story and I really hope I do that when taking pictures or will learn how to. I really liked the paragraph about the scanners because I never knew that journalist did this. I saw some do this in movies but not in real life. I always thought they were illegal because they are police scanners but I guess you can get some that are allowed or you could just risk it.

The other paragraph I really enjoyed was the “Twitter and Facebook alerts” because I am all about social media. That is the one thing I check every morning and throughout the day to get all of my news and updates. Its fast and to the point, and thats why so many people like it. I also enjoyed the paragraph titled “Shoot like a Photojournalist” because that is really what this class is all about. I hope to become a better photographer through this course and have all my photos tell a special story without words.

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