Reading Response 1

One of the biggest things that stood out to me was the part where the guy was at a basketball game was literally doing it all from taking photos to uploading them at halftime to editing them during the game. This part stood out to me because being able to multitask today is a big advantage when it comes to being a sports photographer or sports journalist. I was really able to connect with this part because this is the road I want to go down after graduate, and especially with sports it’s important to be able to so many things at one time, because the game never stops. It’s important to keep up with the game, and in this section of the reading he showed the significance of being fast. For example he decided not use photoshop to save time durning halftime at the basketball game. Speed is everything to him because he has to keep up.

Also there is a lot more work than what most people thing when it comes to being a sports photographer. He has to be able to email photos to his laptop to download them then put the on the online gallery for the paper and put them in the archive at the same time. All of this really stood out to me because I never knew how much work he had to do durning the actual game. It seems like a very intense and stressful job at times, but he definitely loves his job, and this is really attracted me to becoming a sports journalist or photographer.

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