Photo Story: Hannah Tussey and Seizures

Morning Medication


Junior theatre education major Hannah Tussey reaches for a bottle of her morning medication for her adult seizures. Tussey suffered a seizure this past summer and spent four days in the hospital and is now on permanent twice-daily medication.


If He Fits He SitsIMG_3389

Hannah Tussey’s ESA Oreo perches on her shoulder. Tussey was approved for an ESA a month ago and since Oreo has been a part of her family Tussey considers him to be the biggest help in her journey.


Playing with PawsIMG_3469

Hannah Tussey plays with her ESA Oreo in her dorm after a long day. Oreo has been a huge relief and constant companion for Tussey in her daily life.


Decreasing the DosageIMG_3518

Hannah Tussey has had several changes in her medication dosages over the past six months since being diagnosed with seizures. Tussey’s neurologist is based out of Georgia, far from her home in Ohio and her medication dosage was inaccurate until she began seeing her neurologist in August.


No Naps in New BedfordIMG_3591

Junior Hannah Tussey faces many sleepless nights since having her seizure, partly because of her medication but also out of fear that she may have an episode during sleep and not be able to call for help. Her Emotional Support Animal Oreo helps calm her nerves and has been a valuable aid for Tussey.


The Hopeful Designer


Hannah Tussey works on her final project for her scene design class, a class she thoroughly enjoys. Tussey is limited in the activities she can enjoy since being put on her seizure medication and must remain alert at all times. She cannot drink alcohol because it conflicts with her medication and cannot swim or take baths for fear of having a seizure and drowning.


Steps to SuccessIMG_3688

Hannah Tussey helps senior theatre major Hunter Blackburn with his tap routine for his tap class final. Tussey considers being in theatre to be a grounding activity in her life that helps her feel like her most normal self.


Unpredictable FutureIMG_3748

Hannah Tussey preps in the dressing room with her medications close by. During her Cabaret performance, Tussey had to wear her FitBit that checked her vitals and reminded her to take her medication right up until she hit the stage.

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