About Me

  1. Me and my family in New York during the winter a few years ago. It was freezing cold, but a lot of fun still!
  2. My brother, Dad and I on a fishing charter trip in Costa Rica. One of my favorite hobbies is fishing so this trip was a lot of fun.
  3. My entire family rented a cabin for a week and this is all of my cousins with my little 10 year old cousin up front.
  4. I took this photo of my Grandpa about a year before he passed away. He was one of the most impactful people in my life and this is my favorite photo of him.
  5. My girlfriend and I after winning our 5K race on Thanksgiving morning
  6. My parents are my biggest supporters, this photo shows them with me after I won my first golf tournament last Fall.
  7. The Piedmont golf team from last year. We stopped on the side of the road to take this picture as the sun was setting.
  8. Me sitting on the edge of Yonah Mountain. I really enjoy hiking and I’m very adventurous.

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