photo autobiography

1. This is a picture of me at Jaemor Farms! I love nature (more specifically flowers).

2. This is my aunt (right), me and my mom from my graduation celebration last year. My family is important to me, but for whatever reason we never take pictures with all of us, so this will have to be good enough!

3. This is me with two of my best friends while we were on a boat tour in Scotland. Taking this trip made me love to travel and love traveling outside of the country!

4. My friend and I when we took a school trip to San Francisco for our senior trip!

5. This picture was taken in Ecuador! This was one of the last days of the mission trip, so we got to relax and sight see. We took this picture with some of our friends we made while we were staying at the church.

6. This is a (really blurry, sorry!) picture of my dog, Mollie. She’s a black lab and I love her with all my heart. We have another yellow lab (Bella), but she isn’t as photogenic as Mollie is!

7. I took this picture while on a school trip to California, we went up and down the coast, but we stopped at this beach for a few hours and got to watch the sunset.

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