Caps & Cuts

Frozen Brain and Frozen Train

Snowstorm Izzy made a last-second appearance in Doe River Gorge just as Garrett Stafford was packing up his car to leave his Air BnB. His girlfriend made his stand next to the train to take a picture as worry struck him. He did not mentally prepare for the five hour drive ahead of him in 7 inches of snow. Was taking the Honda Civic a wise choice to take on this trip? Probably not. Is his car okay? Honestly, Garrett doesn’t know but it still works!

Man Falls Off Cliff?

Garrett Stafford recently took a hiking trip in Hampton, TN. Little did he know that his girlfriend needed pictures for her photojournalism class and ran out of ideas. He made the decision to lie down along the hill and pretend to fall as he yelled at her to take a picture of him “holding on for dear life.” Garrett considered himself a genius in that moment.

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