Smartphone Photography

Piedmont Student Samantha Carvallo

Samantha Carvallo is a Graphic Design Major and Mass Communications Minor here at Piedmont University. She spends most of her time running back and fourth between Swanson and the Art building.

Rowan Edmonds at Park

This is Rowan Edmonds. She is a Mass Communications Major here at Piedmont. Samantha and Rowan are co-designers for the Roar and have become great friends over the school year.

Rowan Floats Over Bushes???

Rowan apparently likes to jump over bushes for fun but her jumps look more like she is floating over them. Here you can she her in mid air, staring at Samantha very seriously. Help?

Samantha Doesn’t Float

Samantha also attempted to float off of a swing but something about her form was off. She looks like she is hugging the air.

Beautiful Campus Has Litter

Piedmont University has a well-kept campus. Every now and then, though, students and faculty forget to clean up after themselves. Let’s be aware of keeping our campus clean!

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