sports pictures

In this picture you see the referee running along said the players and watching number 18 Nazhir Ellerbe who currently has the ball. He is watching to make sure either player does not make any illegal hits or trips while trying to score.
In this pictcure you see all of Piedmont University men’s lacross ,gatherd around after hudding in a group to go over a play. All players injured or not were required

Here you see players 25 talking with 2 other players, making a plan to help them win the game. After talking and the game resumed player 24 Chris Pennenbacker helped his team score 2 more points.
In this Picture you see numbers 25 who is Austin Vaughn ,34, who is Mason Graves and last, number 38 Zack Schramm running after the man with the ball. The white team is the people they played against and won.

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