Sport Photos

After the Lions score, both teams meet at center field for face off. Chris Pannenbacker, number 24 for the Lions, is prepared to win possession of the ball back for another chance of scoring.
The Lions meet back at center field after the opposing team scores. While anxiously waiting, number 41, Connor Fitzgerald, stands ready to get the game back in play.
The Lions gain possession of the ball and fight to make their way back to the other end of the field to score. Drew Bennet, number 43, strongly pushes his way through two opponents while keeping the ball in his possession.
After working their way down the field and to the net, the Lions see another point on the scoreboard. Connor Rogers, number 7, and Micheal Anderson, number 27 find their teammates and join them in celebrating their hard work.
Macklin Flanigan, number 8, found the back of the net after pushing his way through the opponent’s defense. Flanigan celebrated by cheering along with the stands.

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